Over medicated

I think I’ve known for awhile I am completely over medicated. I take way to many meds compared to all the other bipolar people I talk to.

So it’s time for a change. I’ve changed my psychiatrist for one. I’m not a big fan of my current psychiatrist. She does listen but then doesn’t listen. And she is the one that just kept pushing more meds on me. The bad thing about these kind of meds is you can’t just stop them. And it’s pretty hard to wean off of them because there are so many. So that leaves me with a medical withdraw. That entails having my new psychiatrist admitting me into the hospital for around 5 days to get me off all the meds I need to get off in a safe environment.

I’m really looking at it as a reboot. I’m hoping to get off the Ambien for sleeping and Klonazapam for anxiety attacks. Then there’s all the mood stabilizers and anti psychotics. So many bipolar people go off their meds on their own and end up in the hospital. Because like I said you can’t just go cold Turkey with your meds. It’s unhealthy and medically dangerous. So in no way shape or form should you try to go off your meds on your own. The depression that comes with withdrawal is so intense many people end up taking their lives because it goes straight to the spot where your soul is. It overwhelms your heart and soul to places you can’t come back from. I know this from stopping meds in the past cold turkey. It was a total nightmare. It’s someplace you never want to be. Even if you are not bipolar and are just taking a med for anxiety or depression it’s the same. You cannot just stop those cold turkey either. You have to wean off those. Which when it’s just one med it is much more realistic. Tapering off is much simpler.

I have 10 meds that I am on. Which is absolutely ridiculous. I have a lot of bipolar people that I talk to and nobody I know is on as many meds as me. I am so glad my eyes were opened to this. My bipolar isn’t so out of control that I should be this medicated. Yes I have had some pretty high manic episodes but still, when I went to treatment they didn’t put me on all these meds. So what does that say? Exactly.

So the next time you hear from me I will be far less medicated and hopefully my health starts to improve! Because I am having physical medical issues because of these meds. Weight gain, swelling in my feet and ankles, stomach issues, acid reflux, dry mouth (which is totally bad for your teeth) shakes & tremors and so many more things. I ask that you say a prayer for me or wish me luck as I endeavor this next journey. And as always thank you for following my blog!

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