The Stigmas

Stigmatism’s are a hot topic for me. I’m talking about the way that people, especially those with mental health issues look at mental health and medications. Now I’m not saying we haven’t come along way and we continue to get better everyday with mental health treatment, but it still has far to go.

Nothing really lights my fire more than when someone who clearly has mental health issues and they refuse to seek treatment or meds. Like I say all the time and so do others, “if you had diabetes, a heart condition or osteoporosis you wouldn’t not seek treatment and be on meds! So why is your brain any different?” “It’s not!”

So there is the situational depression or anxiety that doctors will treat and you can go off after a period of time. But that is not even close to medically diagnosed depression or anxiety. For which those you will need med maintenance for the rest of your life. The chemicals and wiring in your brain cannot function without them.

I have been on some sort of anti depressant for more than half my life. I knew as a young child something wasn’t right with me. I would cry for no apparent reason and make up stories for my parents as to why I was crying. It wasn’t until after my children that I couldn’t get a grasp on my depression and I started my path down the anti depressant highway. For years and years I tried so many different kinds until finally in my 30’s I hit the hammer on the nail. Now during my 20’s is when I was diagnosed with bipolar with deep depression. The bipolar never seemed like an issue to me so I didn’t get treatment for that. But now knowing what I know… my bipolar surfaced in high school all the way to the present. I just wasn’t educated enough in my 20’s to know what bipolar looked like. And the treatment facility that gave me the diagnosis really treated me more for the depression because I was suicidal.

I think I’ve said before I’m on a slew of medications and vitamins. And I don’t plan on going off of them ever. I may or may not be able to cut back on one or two as I get older but as of right now, I’ve come to terms that a giant pill box is my life. I don’t like feeling helpless, hopeless, angry, hostile and so on. I don’t want for my family and friends to have to suffer because I’m an out of control person. It’s not fair to me or them for me to not take my meds and not go to my treatments. Not being proactive with your mental health is SO unhealthy.

It’s OK! To take meds to feel better. Yes it may take years before you find the right med or meds for you but you can never give up! And let me tell you, the more people I meet and I share my story with the more people I realize are medicated. Now not everyone is as open as me. I let everything hang out. Because my purpose is to help as many people as I can to get better. And not be ashamed of your mental health. If I can get on here sporadically and share everything than you can take some meds and talk to a therapist.

Challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself that you can be! There is no sense in living your life on a rollercoaster of emotions. And there’s no sense in punishing those that love you. “Will she try to take her life tonight?” “Will she go left field on me by yelling and screaming at me for no reason?” I lived that life for a looooong looooong time. And it was no picnic. But realizing I had a big problem and that I needed some serious help was the best thing I ever did for myself and my loved ones.

So the next time you want to say “I don’t want to be on medication for the rest of my life.” You may want to dig deep and realize that you’re missing out on a truly wonderful life. You deserve to be happy! Everyone does. Just because your brain got the short end of the stick doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. No more excuses! Start today.

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