My Bipolar Life

Bipolar people are just people

For those of you that have never had some sort of close contact with a person with Bipolar Disorder there is a stigma. A lot of people think we’re scary, unstable, no cares, not someone you want to associate with. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

I follow quite a lot of other Bipolar Instagram accounts and it broke my heart to read what one of them got commented back to them on their post. They said all bipolar people are obese psychos, who would kill someone and not care two bits. And that we should all die. I was heartbroken for the person who had these things said to her and for all the other people that saw that as well. I can tell you right now it is the furthest thing from the truth! 

It’s pretty common for Bipolar people to be “empaths”. Empaths like to take on other peoples problems and try to fix them. They put their own problems on the back burner and give their whole heart to helping others. When we go manic the only people we really hurt is ourselves and the ones who love us. So all I can think is this person who said these horrible things has been hurt in some way shape or form. Or he’s just a big fat douche wad that doesn’t know his head from his ass. A troll that needs a hobby. 

I’d like to address the obese comment. People who are fully medicated for Bipolar and possibly other things like me have to deal with not fun at all side effects. And one of the biggest side effects that anti psychotics have is weight gain. Like we don’t have enough crap going on now we get to add feeling crappy about ourselves because we’ve gained weight that is next to impossible to take off. But like I say it’s better to be overweight and happy than skinny and a wreck. So for those of you out there that are battling the bulge it’s OK! You are healthy brain wise and that is better everyday of the week. And obese I think is a stretch for being overweight. You are beautiful. You are a bipolar beauty!

Moving onto a different subject. For those of you who have loved ones that help you through or have held your hand in the past before you got control, give them love. Without support it makes things harder. Last week I had a peak. It was bad enough that I wanted to go full on manic. But because I have tools in my toolbox I remained in control. And then I also woke my husband and he just knew he needed to hold on. Having him just hold me and rub my back made it so I didn’t go manic as well. He laid there with me for around 30 minutes until I came down and was no longer upset. Now this little episode was set off by stress of things I have no control over. I had to remind myself that over and over. Lord have mercy I wanted to let loose and go full on manic! It’s like your body craves it. It’s because it’s a high for bipolar people. But what keeps me from going full on is I always remember what I leave in my wake. And also because of my rockstar husband. So like I said, for those people in your life that are there to soften the blows and support you, give them the respect and love right now for being rockstars!

My bipolar beauties keep moving. Keep taking your meds, going to therapy and your psychiatrist. Life is to precious and fun to not have control of your brain (well to the best of our ability). 


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